Price of the Murl Engine

You can use the Murl Engine in order to realize your ideas and visions completely for free – regardless of whether you develop commercial or free applications.

The only requirement to download and use the framework is the acceptance of and adherence to the license agreement. According to the license agreement, a license profile has to be chosen for every application developed with the assistance of the multimedia framework. If no profile is chosen, the free license profile is automatically applied.

Free License Profile

This is the standard profile for all developed applications. Using this profile, no license key is necessary and no costs incur.

All functions and features of the multimedia framework are available without restriction. The only restriction is a short notification overlay during application startup, which points to the use of the multimedia framework.

Alternatively, a Premium License Profile is available for a fee, which spares the notification upon application startup.

Premium License Profile

For using the Premium License Profile a Premium License Key is necessary. This license key can be acquired in the Premium area of this website. Depending on the project size, it is possible to choose between a "Basic", "Standard" or "Pro" license key.

The license key is then specified in the source code of the application with the command setLicensekey causing the omission of the notification upon application startup.

For every application an individual license key has to be acquired. If the revenues exceed the revenue limit of the license key, a license upgrade has to be purchased.

Price Overview


Free Basic Standard Pro

Revenue Limit

No limit € 10,000 € 50,000 No limit

Notification Overlay

Yes No No No

Premium Support

- - 60 minutes 480 minutes


Free € 100 € 1,000 € 5,000

All prices are net in Euro. Additional Premium Support is possible at any time.

Fair & Affordable

We tried to find a fair and affordable solution for our license model. Therefore, we offer a suitable license for each project and each budget with fair conditions and legal certainty for us and especially for our customers.

With the free license it is possible for everybody to test and use the framework without risk and for free. In return, the displayed notification overlay ensures us a bit of advertising making our framework publicly known more rapidly.

Using the framework without this notification overlay is already possible with the "Basic" license. If you are then able to save at least a few hours of work, purchasing this license has already been worth it. If your product becomes successful and your revenues exceed the revenue limit, it is legitimate to upgrade to a license with a higher revenue limit. By doing so, 50% of the costs already paid will be taken into account. The "Pro" license does not have a revenue limit. Therefore, the costs for the framework have an upper limit.

A license is always bound to a project (application) and cannot be transferred. There is no restriction regarding the amount of workplaces, number of platforms or company size as well as no percentage share of the revenue. However, some licenses are restricted to a certain revenue limit.

Source Code License

In individual cases it is also possible to license the complete source code. If you are interested in a source code license, please contact us via email at office(at)

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