Utility class implementing the IFile interface. More...

#include "murl_util_file.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Util::File:

Public Member Functions

 File (const String &name, IEnums::FileAccessMode accessMode)
 Constructor taking the file name and access mode. More...
virtual ~File ()
 The destructor. More...
virtual UInt64 GetPosition ()
 Implementation of IFile::GetPosition().
virtual void SetPosition (UInt64 position)
 Implementation of IFile::SetPosition().
virtual UInt64 GetSize ()
 Implementation of IFile::GetSize().
virtual UInt64 Read (void *data, UInt64 byteSize)
 Implementation of IFile::Read(void* data, UInt64 byteSize).
virtual UInt64 Write (const void *data, UInt64 byteSize)
 Implementation of IFile::Write(const void* data, UInt64 byteSize).
virtual UInt64 Read (Data &data)
 Implementation of IFile::Read(Data& data).
virtual UInt64 Write (const ConstData &data)
 Implementation of IFile::Write(const ConstData& data).
virtual Bool Open ()
 Open the file. More...
virtual Bool Close ()
 Close the file. More...

Protected Attributes

String mName
 The file name storage. More...
IEnums::FileAccessMode mAccessMode
 The access mode storage. More...
System::File mFile
 The system file object. More...

Detailed Description

Utility class implementing the IFile interface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ File()

Murl::Util::File::File ( const String name,
IEnums::FileAccessMode  accessMode 

Constructor taking the file name and access mode.

nameThe file name.
accessModeThe access mode for opening the file.

◆ ~File()

virtual Murl::Util::File::~File ( )

The destructor.

Close the file if open.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Open()

virtual Bool Murl::Util::File::Open ( )

Open the file.

Open with the name and access mode specified by the constructor.

true if successful.

◆ Close()

virtual Bool Murl::Util::File::Close ( )

Close the file.

true if successful.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mName

String Murl::Util::File::mName

The file name storage.

◆ mAccessMode

IEnums::FileAccessMode Murl::Util::File::mAccessMode

The access mode storage.

◆ mFile

System::File Murl::Util::File::mFile

The system file object.

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