Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo Class Reference

The image information structure. More...

#include "murl_util_video_surface_tools.h"

Public Types

enum  Flag
 Image flags. More...

Public Member Functions

 ImageInfo ()
 The default constructor. More...

Public Attributes

ImageFormat mImageFormat
 The image file format type. More...
UInt32 mPixelSizeX
 The number of horizontal pixels. More...
UInt32 mPixelSizeY
 The number of vertical pixels. More...
IEnums::PixelFormat mPixelFormat
 The native pixel format. More...
IEnums::TextureType mTextureType
 The texture type represented by the image. More...
UInt32 mBitsPerPixel
 The numebr of bits per pixel. More...
UInt32 mRedShift
 The red component shift value. More...
UInt32 mGreenShift
 The green component shift value. More...
UInt32 mBlueShift
 The blue component shift value. More...
UInt32 mAlphaShift
 The alpha component shift value. More...
UInt32 mNumberOfLayers
 The number of layers (i.e. More...
UInt32 mNumberOfFaces
 The number of faces per layer (6 for a cubemap). More...
UInt32 mNumberOfStreams
 The number of individual surface streams. More...
UInt32 mNumberOfMipLevels
 The number of MIP levels per surface. More...
UInt32 mFlags
 Flag bitfield. More...
Array< ConstDatamData
 An array of data objects, one for each stream and MIP level. More...

Detailed Description

The image information structure.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ Flag

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ImageInfo()

Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::ImageInfo ( )

The default constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mImageFormat

ImageFormat Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mImageFormat

The image file format type.

◆ mPixelSizeX

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mPixelSizeX

The number of horizontal pixels.

◆ mPixelSizeY

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mPixelSizeY

The number of vertical pixels.

◆ mPixelFormat

IEnums::PixelFormat Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mPixelFormat

The native pixel format.

◆ mTextureType

IEnums::TextureType Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mTextureType

The texture type represented by the image.

◆ mBitsPerPixel

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mBitsPerPixel

The numebr of bits per pixel.

◆ mRedShift

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mRedShift

The red component shift value.

◆ mGreenShift

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mGreenShift

The green component shift value.

◆ mBlueShift

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mBlueShift

The blue component shift value.

◆ mAlphaShift

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mAlphaShift

The alpha component shift value.

◆ mNumberOfLayers

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mNumberOfLayers

The number of layers (i.e.

array elements).

◆ mNumberOfFaces

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mNumberOfFaces

The number of faces per layer (6 for a cubemap).

◆ mNumberOfStreams

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mNumberOfStreams

The number of individual surface streams.

◆ mNumberOfMipLevels

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mNumberOfMipLevels

The number of MIP levels per surface.

◆ mFlags

UInt32 Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mFlags

Flag bitfield.

◆ mData

Array<ConstData> Murl::Util::VideoSurfaceTools::ImageInfo::mData

An array of data objects, one for each stream and MIP level.

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