Price of the Murl Engine

You can use the Murl Engine in order to realize your ideas and visions completely for free – regardless of whether you develop commercial or free applications.

The only requirement to download and use the framework is the acceptance of and adherence to the license agreement. According to the license agreement, a license profile has to be chosen for every application developed with the assistance of the multimedia framework. If no profile is chosen, the free license profile is automatically applied.

Price Overview


Free Basic Standard Pro

Revenue Limit

€ 100,000 € 10,000 € 100,000 No limit

Notification Overlay

Yes No No No


Free € 119 € 1,190 € 5,900

All prices are net in Euro.

Free License Profile

This is the standard profile for all developed applications. Using this profile, no license key is necessary and no costs incur.

All functions and features of the multimedia framework are available without restriction. The only restriction is a short notification overlay during application startup, which points to the use of the multimedia framework.

If the revenues exceed the revenue limit, a suitable Premium License Key has to be purchased for a fee, which spares the notification upon application startup.

Premium License Profile

For using the Premium License Profile a Premium License Key is necessary. Depending on the project size, it is possible to choose between a "Basic", "Standard" or "Pro" license key.

The license key is then specified in the source code of the application with the command setLicensekey causing the omission of the notification upon application startup.

For every application an individual license key has to be acquired. If the revenues exceed the revenue limit of the license key, a license upgrade has to be purchased.

Order License

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