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Does Murl dev. team have some plans for editor with level editor, material editor etc.?
(19 May 2014, 0:11)erlimoen Wrote: [ -> ]Does Murl dev. team have some plans for editor with level editor, material editor etc.?

At the moment we are working on a graphical Scene Graph Editor which will allow you to create, edit and preview scene graphs and scene sub graphs. The tool will also provide a shader editor and other useful stuff. Although it looks already pretty nice, it will approximately take another 8 -12 weeks of development before we will be able to release a first version.
That will be very handy .
save me making something, though once I figure out Murl I will probably start my own just to learn all the features.
Feel free to start writing your own tools. Will probably help to learn all the features but also is a lot of work. As a teaser for our editor, here is a screenshot from the current version:

yeah they are laods of work i had started a new version of my P3D and tested many GUI lib liek FLTK and simply went with one I made using a custom 2D API that uses direct draw and a bunch of other stuff a friend made.

early versions looked like this :

i just need to see how some 3d files are loaded and such, and get used to the API .

i would like to get to this point in the attached pick , but in Murl.

the whole GUI, widgets , screen font sys and all is hand built code from scratch.
Even the quick light / dark color theme switch .
the viewer lets you have two color themes loaded, and you can flip them at run time .
it is built on the engine the scene is targeted for, so if it loads and is ok here it will be same in your game/app.

any how you get the idea.