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Full Version: Virtual Keyboard on Android
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The following code for revealing the virtual keyboard does work on iOS:

IKeyboardControl* keyboardControl = state->GetDeviceHandler()->GetOutputDeviceHandler()->GetKeyboardControl();


However, nothing does happen on Android, except the state->GetDeviceHandler()->IsKeyboardShowing() method evaluates to true.

Any ideas?

Hi Stefan,

it seems there is a bug in the Android code when changing the keyboard type or return key type.
I will look into that issue. In the meantime you could just omit the calls SetReturnKeyType and SetKeyboardType as a workaround.
The bug has been fixed and the fix will be included in the next release.
The next public release will be end of this week or maybe on Monday next week. Let me know if you need the bug fix earlier.
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Thx! I will wait for the release.
I need the fix for same bug too.
(23 Dec 2014, 12:51)roidbay Wrote: [ -> ]I need the fix for same bug too.

The bug has been fixed in V1.00.2828 which was released in August.
What exactly is your problem?