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Full Version: Material depthBufferMode in Scene Converter
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Hi there!

Is there an option to tell the scene converter to set the depthBufferMode attribute of the generated Material to a specific value? If not, consider this as a feature request Smile At the moment, I had to add this attribute manually after each scene conversion.


thanks for the input, we'll consider adding this attribute (among others)!

As an alternative, it's possible to disable auto-generation of (a) material(s) by defining the "replaceWithGraphNodeId" attribute within the config file's <InputScene> element, which tells the converter to use a material that is already existing in the scene graph when the package is loaded, e.g.:
<InputScene fileName="my_scene.fbx">
  <Material findIdMatchingPattern="ImportedMaterialId" replaceWithGraphNodeId="/MyMaterialContainer/MyMaterial"/>

Best regards,