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Full Version: TextGeometry error when using textureprescaledivisor
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If I set the TexturePrescaleDivisor to 2 in the Engine Configuration, my app is crashing with the following error log:

Graph::FlatTextTexture::InitSelf(): Failed to create output stream
Graph::Node::Init(): InitSelf() failed
Graph::TextGeometry::InitSystemText(test_text): Failed to initialize text texture node

Again: this is only happening when switching to prescale divisor 2.

Please advise how to fix this behaviour!

Thanks in advance...
Unfortunately, you have discovered a bug in the Murl Engine.

Fortunately, I was already able to fix this issue; the fix will be included in the next update (possibly at the end of this week).

In the meantime, please leave the prescale divisor at a value of 1. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thank you for your quick response!