You can use MyCode, a simplified version of HTML, in your posts to create certain effects.

[b]This text is bold[/b]
   This text is bold

[i]This text is italicized[/i]
   This text is italicized

[u]This text is underlined[/u]
   This text is underlined

[s]This text is struck out[/s]
   This text is struck out

[tt]This text is monospaced[/tt]
   This text is monospaced




[]E-mail Me![/email]
   E-mail Me!

[]E-mail with subject[/email]
   E-mail with subject

[quote]Quoted text will be here[/quote]
   Quoted text will be here

[code]Text with preserved formatting[/code]
   Text with preserved formatting



[color=red]This text is red[/color]
   This text is red

[size=3]This text is size 3[/size]
   This text is size 3

[font=Tahoma]This font is Tahoma[/font]
   This font is Tahoma

[align=center]This is centered[/align]

This is centered

[align=right]This is right-aligned[/align]

This is right-aligned

[*]List Item #1
[*]List Item #2
[*]List Item #3

  • List item #1
  • List item #2
  • List Item #3

You can make an ordered list by using [list=1] for a numbered, and [list=a] for an alphabetical list.

[*]List Item #1
[*]List Item #2
[*]List Item #3

  1. List item #1
  2. List item #2
  3. List Item #3

[code:cpp]Preformatted Cpp Code[/code]

Preformatted Cpp Code

[code:cpp;title:'Block Title';first-line:42;highlight:[43,45];]Preformatted Cpp Code with highlight and title.[/code]

Block Title
 Cpp Code
highlight and title.

You can use the same sheme for code blocks in different languages by using a different language paramter e.g. [code:xml].

  • Language Parameters
    • applescript
    • bash
    • cpp
    • diff
    • java
    • js
    • lua
    • objc
    • perl
    • php
    • plain
    • py
    • sql
    • xml
  • Optional Parameters
    • title
      • true
      • Allows you to specify a title for the code block.
    • first-line
      • 1
      • Allows you to change the first (starting) line number.
    • gutter
      • true
      • Allows you to turn gutter with line numbers on and off.
    • highlight
      • null
      • Allows you to highlight one or more lines to focus user’s attention. When specifying as a parameter, you have to pass an array looking value, like [1, 2, 3] or just an number for a single line.
    • smart-tabs
      • true
      • Allows you to turn smart tabs feature on and off.
    • tab-size
      • 4
      • Allows you to adjust tab size.
    • auto-links
      • true
      • Allows you to turn detection of links in the highlighted element on and off. If the option is turned off, URLs won’t be clickable.

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