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Forum Suggestions - zreak - 23 Apr 2013

• Mark a post as the solution for the question in a thread
• Close a thread I have started

RE: Forum Suggestions - Ketschak - 23 Apr 2013

Thank you for your suggestions.

(23 Apr 2013, 13:11)zreak Wrote: • Close a thread I have started

Just added this feature. You now can close threads which have been started by you. Just click the button with the lock symbol on the top of your thread to close/open your thread.
The button is only available if the thread has been started by you.

(23 Apr 2013, 13:11)zreak Wrote: • Mark a post as the solution for the question in a thread

I like that idea also. We will implement this feature but it may take some time.

RE: Forum Suggestions - Prime_8 - 21 Aug 2014

maybe it's my forum settings but I don't see year next to dates on posts , so it can be hard for a new users to tell how old a thread is , example a post with '28 Aug' , obviously not this year but is it only last year ?

If it's a forum pref' , possibly have it on by default .

>> ok i found the options . but possibly showing year in date display could be a forum default.

RE: Forum Suggestions - Ketschak - 21 Aug 2014

I changed the default setting to show also the year. You still can switch the date format in the user control panel to your preferred style.