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Missing member initialization? - Stefan - 26 Aug 2015


we did some diagnostics with valgrind today and found out that most complaints come from here:

==31712==    at 0x1000B15C8: Murl::ChangeInspector::CheckFrame(unsigned int) (murl_change_controller.h:34)
==31712==    by 0x10030960E: Murl::ChangeController<Murl::App::SpwLogicPopupEventBanner::Caller>::WasChanged(Murl::ChangeInspector&) const (murl_change_controller.h:110)

In the second constructor of ChangeController the member variable mFrame is not initialized, likely not on purpose.


RE: Missing member initialization? - Andy - 14 Sep 2015

Thanks for this tip!

This is obviously a bug and will be fixed in the next release!