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Build 1.00.2194Beta Available! - Ketschak - 27 May 2013

The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.2194Beta is available.

  • Enabled dynamic geometry batching if possible. Can be controlled using the "allowDynamicBatching" attribute or the SetDynamicBatchingAllowed() interface method on PlaneGeometry, GenericGeometry and other nodes.
  • Updated WebP library to v0.3
  • Added optional vertex attributes for PlaneSequenceGeometry and PlaneGeometry: Normal/Binormal/Tangent and TexCoord1
  • Added Graph::NinePatchPlaneGeometry node
  • Added Graph::BoundingBox node
  • Added the Win32 implementation of the IPreferencesControl interface
  • Introduced the "parentTextId" target attribute for TextGeometry nodes
  • Added the "allowNpotTexture" attribute for TextGeometry nodes
  • Added a blur option for TextGeometry and FlatTextTexture nodes
  • Added the "enableContainerFitting" attribute for TextGeometry nodes
  • Enabled separate blend functions/equations on GLES 1.1
  • Added OutCoord range for Graph::IButton and InCoord range for Graph::IFrameBuffer
  • Added "vertexColoringEnabled" attribute for FixedProgram node
  • Added Util::Timeline
  • Added "activeFaces" attribute for Button nodes
  • Misc improvements on timelines and logic sound objects
  • Misc optimizations

  • Fixed a crash in Graph::Aligner when activated
  • Fixed Graph::Controller incorrectly evaluating at time -1.0
  • Fixed a socket address issue on OSX
  • Fixed children error checking for Reference and ReferenceTransform nodes
  • Misc minor fixes in GLES and DX9 renderers
  • Misc logic fixes