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"Break Hit Result" functionality - Flávio San - 24 Mar 2017

Hello! Good evening! I'm very excited about Murl now that I'm engaged in a new personal project. What happens is that I was verifying the engineering of a common functionality in games that is to identify what the hit result of the mouse click. I checked on two other engines: In a more raw engine this functionality happens through the use of a Raycast. In the UnrealEngine blueprint the engineering is very good and it would be an honor to have something similar to this in the Murl Engine.

In a company blog called Impetus Games they demonstrated the use of this feature to rotate the Actor's Yaw by moving the mouse relative to GroundPlane. What I liked most about this on UE4 engineering is the ability to check different HitResult types.

Blog Link:
UE4 "Break Hit Result" demonstration:

For my project this functionality would be critical.
I would like to congratulate you on the excellent work you have done with this incredible engine, Murl Engine.

Kind Regards