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Solution: cannot open file 'd3dcompiler.lib' - andi - 01 Oct 2013

In Visual Studio 2010 following error can occur when trying to compile a Murl project:
LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'd3dcompiler.lib'

This is due Visual Studio can't locate the DirectXSDK directory. To fix this problem for the current user follow these steps:

1. Enable expert settings: Tools -> Settings -> Expert Settings
2. Open Property Manager: View -> Property Manager
3. Edit properties of Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user: Debug | Win32 -> Microsoft.Cpp.Win32.user
4. Select VC++ Directories
5. Under 'Include Directories' prepend $(DXSDK_DIR)include;
5. Under 'Library Directories' prepend $(DXSDK_DIR)lib\x86;