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OS Drag&drop - ksubox - 14 Oct 2013


I wonder how to process OS drag&drop events in engine?

RE: OS Drag&drop - dizzy - 18 Oct 2013


Currently, drag&drop is not directly available in the framework.

It is basically possible to extend the platform implementation to handle necessary events, e.g. by reacting on WM_DROPFILES events in source/platform/win32/gdi/murl_platform_win32_gdi_window.cpp on Windows. These events may then be forwarded to a custom control, which might also handle dragging operations in the other direction.

However, the project files for rebuilding the platform front-ends is not yet included in the release package, we will add these in one of the next updates so it's possible for you to easily modify the platform libs.

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RE: OS Drag&drop - ksubox - 18 Oct 2013

Thank you!

I really need it.