Rotating the cube by euler engles, carries the other axes together.
I wrote the code to finish my Cube program.

The idea from last week was to make the cube spin transition from one direction to another without the cube lose alignment with the camera.

I had to rewrite the whole program because of the rotation Delta novelty, then using the Spacebar you can change by 4 types of rotation.

The only problem that still remains is in the rotation Delta, but I do not think it has solution.

In my program, the rotational method, "Delta & Merge" the cube make the transition from one direction to another, merging (it turns both axis X and Y at same tick), but what happens is that the cube finish the transition "Delta & Merge" not perfectly aligned to the camera. I do not know exactly what happens, only that using the rotation with absolute angles "Not Delta & Merge" the cube is always aligned to the camera, despite the previus problem of the axis.

Finally this is it!
I go to another project now, and it was a pleasure to receive your help!

My Cube program is attached.

Best Regards!

(30 Nov 2015, 12:09)Ketschak Wrote: Hi Flávio,

It looks like you would carry the axis but in fact it is the order of transformations that is the important ...
Best regard, Ketschak

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