Tutorial #03: Pong - "Dashed Midline" doesn't need of AddGraphNode?
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I know that when I use AddGraphNode the engine does automatically clear the GraphNode when OnDeInit is called.

In the Tutorial #03: Pong the "Dashed Midline" is not using AddGraphNode, but only mBallTransform.GetReference(root, "line_"+Util::UInt32ToString(i));.

My question is: "Dashed Midline" doesn't need use AddGraphNode to clear the memory?

Tutorial #01: Cube Wrote:In order to manage references in a more comfortable way, the BaseProcessor class offers the convenient method AddGraphNode(). This method keeps track of all requested references and passes the responsibility of removing references on to the BaseProcessor itself. All tracked references are released automatically, when the BaseProcessor's destructor is called.
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