Atlas-Output: <AtlasXML/> vs. <PlaneGraphXML/>

Following issue popped up during experimenting with MURL:
We used Atlas Generator to create an Atlas image and the Atlas XML...
The Atlas XML consists of a lot of Rectangles. So far, so good...

Is it true that, if I want to refer to a single image within the Atlas i can only use numbers as selectors? Rectangle has for itself no id-specifier unlike PlaneGraphXML which has id="".

What can <AtlasXML/> be used for in comparison to <PlaneGraphXML/>?

I hope I my question is clear enough to be understood...

Best regards,

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Atlas-Output: <AtlasXML/> vs. <PlaneGraphXML/> - by JosefHeld - 27 Jun 2013, 14:07

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