Fog in Fixed Pipeline
I couldn't find Fog in FixedParameters.
Somewhere else?
Currently, in the beta phase, the fixed function pipeline (using FixedProgram/FixedParameters nodes) in the Murl Engine only supports a rather limited set of functionality, such as simple texturing, lighting and coloring. This feature set will certainly be extended during beta, and fog will be implemented in the near future (stay tuned!).

However, we do not plan to offer more complex fixed function features such as texture combiners. In the long run, we think that using the programmable pipeline through the use of ShaderProgram/GenericParameters nodes should be the way to go for anything but the most basic rendering techniques. For the final release we plan to offer a stock library of commonly used shader programs for the most popular tasks, which can be used and modified as desired.

Note that on Windows, the current implementation of the DirectX 9 renderer does not support shader programs yet. This feature, together with a more modern Direct3D 11.X renderer and a shader language translator, is currently under development and also scheduled for the final release.
Ok, I'm waiting for!
I need only the basic shader for a while.

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