Build 1.00.2096Beta Available!
The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.2096Beta is available.

Important API Changes:
  • Renamed Murl::ISystemFont to Murl::IFont
  • Unified font attribute names in Graph::TextGeometry and FlatTextTexture, and moved all respective methods to Graph::IFont interface:
    "systemFontId","fontId" --> "systemFontName"
    "systemFontSize" --> "fontSize"
    "systemFontTextColor" --> "textColor"
    "systemFontBackgroundColor" --> "backgroundColor"

You should perform a search&replace operation on your user code in order to incorporate these changes.

  • Added Truetype and OpenType font embedding support through font_converter and Graph::TextGeomety/Graph::FlatTextTexture
  • Added border/borderX/borderY attributes to Graph::PlaneGeometry,
    PlaneSequenceGeometry, TextGeometry and Button, for better content alignment, plus respective interface methods
  • Added IAppConfiguration::SetSystemDebugInfoItems() to select statistic items to display when the debug package is loaded
  • Added posX/posY and sizeX/sizeY attributes to Graph::Camera nodes, to select only a sub-region of the output surface to render
  • Physics simulator cleanup & improvements
  • Added "scale" attribute to XML animation files, to set a unified scale factor for all 3 axes
  • Added Logic::ITimeline::SetCurrentTime() and SetCurrentLoop() methods
  • Stripped unnecessary debug information from (most) static libs

Minor fixes:
  • Fixed Graph::Camera to consider scissor mask when clearing
  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • Fixed a crash in Graph::TextGeometry when using a prescale factor other than 1
  • Fixed a misbehavior in Graph::TextGeometry when re-setting text
  • Unified QueryTextSize() in Graph::TextGeometry and FlatTextTexture to always return _unscaled_ values
  • Fixed system font rendering on OSX/IOS (position/cropping issues)
  • Fixed system fonts to accept a user-defined leading value
  • Fixed string-to-color conversion to set alpha to 100% when not explicitly specified via a single-value hex string
  • Container classes: Minor fixes for ObjectArray/ObjectIndex/ObjectMap

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