Hi all
Im a long time coder who has been using a D3D 9 to 11x engine that the main dev seem to have abandoned . while i still hope not .

I came upon this engine while looking for options .

I like to make space sim and FPS style games , but i have found over the years i seem to be a tool builder . LOL i seem to build all my own tools.

my site is in a rebuild phase as i decide what to do next .


i have video logs of some of the things i have been playing with .

and a small site devoted to a scene editor i built for the old engine i was using .

while i'm not a fan of any MS VS , ( prefer MinGW and CodeBlocks ) , i wonder if VS 13 is planned .
Welcome to our community Prime_8!

Your stuff looks pretty cool. Hope you will enjoy working with the Murl Engine. Looking forward to see some cool demos, games, apps from you.

BTW, we can provide you the code from our BSP-test if you want to utilize BSP dungeons.

In regard to VS2013: The problem is that every studio version comes with its own toolset. Therefore we would need to provide separate libraries for each studio version and the overall size of the Murl download package would explode. Anyway, we will support also newer VS versions soon.

For now you can use newer VS versions when you switch the Platform Toolset to V100.
See also thread http://murlengine.com/forum/showthread.p...ght=vs2012

Hope that helps.
And yeah I installed vs 2012 and 2010 . LOL having not seen the threads on here , figured out I needed vs2010 sp1 by dumb luck , then all the samples built fine .

Now i need to transition from the old API i was using , and get used to VS again .

as more examples come out for this engine , the more I will understand it . LOL
May the force be with us!
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