Build 1.00.2828Beta Available!
The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.2828Beta is available.

API Changes:
  • Added various config items to IPlatformConfiguration
  • Changed IWebControl::CreateUrlRequest() to not take an URL string. The URL string has to be specified later with the actual URL request object returned.
  • Cleaned up IUrlRequest interface: Changed IUrlRequest::Post to SendGet() to do a real HTTP GET, added SendPost() for HTTP POST, added GetCurrentDataSize() to check how many bytes have been transmitted so far.
  • Interface cleanup of Graph::IDrawable and Graph::IGenericGeometry
  • Updated internal .murl/.murlpkg file revisions to 1.00 Note: Re-run tools in order to update internal revisions of your files!

New Features:
  • Added optional Facebook add-on for iOS and Android
  • Added Logic::ITimeframe::HasPassedTime() method
  • Added Graph::ISound::SetBufferType() method for explicitly choosing a sound instance's buffer type (streaming or static)
  • Added "renderBorder" and "repeatBorder" attributes for atlas_generator config files
  • Added Resource::IFactory::CreateObjectFromFile() and related methods for runtime-creation of resource objects, together with Logic::IState::GetResourceFactory() to actually access the resource factory for doing so
  • Added ILoader::QueryPackage() and IPackage::Query() methods for retrieving information about a registered resource package, plus related methods in Resource::IPackage, Resource::IPackageFactory and Resource::ICollection
  • Added Resource::IArchive resource type
  • Added Util::Compress() and Util::Uncompress() functions, for comressing and uncompressing custom data using ZLib
  • Added Graph::IAligner::GetBoundingVolume() to retrieve current bounding volume in OnFinishTick()
  • Added IPackage::HasFailedLoading() and IPackage::HasFailedUnloading() methods
  • Introduced the "outputTextureId" attribute in Graph::TextGeometry and Graph::FlatTextTexture to allow for layered text rendering to a single texture
  • Introduced "offsetX" and "offsetY" attributes in Graph::TextGeometry to specify an X and Y offset for rendering

  • Optimized surface blurring
  • Changed the OpenAL library to build as a shared lib on Android
  • Improved Android platform code & tool chain to allow for registering custom JNI classes and controls
  • Updated Android In-App Billing to Google V3 implementation
  • Improved handling of custom controls
  • Introduced a mechanism for certain Android devices (e.g. Galaxy S4) trying to prevent automatic CPU throttling by the OS
  • Added optional file category for ILoader::AddPackage()
  • Improved embolding of outline fonts
  • Renamed "Dx9" namespace to "Dx90"

  • Fixed minor memory leaks
  • Fixed a bug in Graph::BoxCuller
  • Fixed a bug in the openal_soft library which caused noticeable noise when sending the app to background
  • Added a workaround on Android for explicitly setting the target frame rate with IAppConfiguration::SetDisplayRefreshFrequency()
  • Fixed a bug in Graph::TextGeometry resulting in too large output with a prescale factor of > 1
  • Fixed a bug regarding custom file/folder access in Android
  • Updated resource_packer to print a better response when output file(s) were specified in an incorrect way
  • Fixed E-Mail handling
  • Fixed a bug regarding incorrect word wrapping of outline fonts
  • Fixed a bug regarding automatic text fitting with non-zero borders
  • Fixed a bug in Graph::TextGeometry preventing correct alignment in conjunction with Graph::Aligner
  • Fixed Graph::Aligner to not apply spacing between elements for inactive children
  • Fixed a nasty race condition in Graph::Node::Init()
  • Fixed a bug regarding touch input handling for orthographic cameras
  • Fixed a bug in font_converter resulting in a crash when parsing certain true type fonts

Have fun coding!

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