Build 1.00.3083Beta Available!
The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.3083Beta is available.

API Changes:
  • Set swappable attribute for Graph::Node to deprecated, introduced enableAutomaticSwapping and enableManualSwapping instead
  • Renamed CreateDecodedData() and DestroyDecodedData() to Prepare() / Finish() for IAudioStream and IVideoStream
  • Changed absolute timeout values to relative ones in System::Semaphore::Wait()
  • Renamed System::Time::Now() to System::Time::GetNow(), removed Since() method and added GetTickCount()
  • Renamed mesh_converter to scene_converter, introduced XML config files to improve automation of scene conversion

New Features:
  • Added IAppConfiguration::SetAutomaticResourceEvictionEnabled() to better control memory saving on low-end devices
  • Introduced Util::EvictableVideoStream and EvictableVideoSurface
  • Font rendering cleanup
  • Added Graph::ITexture::SetVideoStream() method to manually set a video stream source from code
  • Added ETC1 texture compression where available (Android)
  • Added ILoader::AddGraphInstance() and RemoveGraphInstance() to manually control graph instances created when a package is loaded
  • Added misc Murl::Util functions
  • Allow Graph::FrameBuffer nodes to dynamically change dimensions
  • Added CurrencyCode and PriceValue in Android IAB for PlayStore 4.3.10 and above
  • Implemented auto rotation on Android

  • Misc renderer object cleanup
  • Improved engine memory footprint related to sound instances & fixed program creation
  • Improved Facebook addon session state handling
  • Optimized rendering performance on iOS devices

  • Misc doxygen comment fixes
  • Ignore mouse button parameter for touch devices
  • Fixed a race condition in the GLES 1.1 & 2.0 renderers when creating vertex/index buffers in the background
  • Misc fixes for certain Android devices (e.g. HTC One)
  • Misc fixes for Android In-App Billing
  • Fixed an iOS issue when suspending/resuming audio playback
  • Fixed an issue when restarting Vorbis audio streams
  • Fixed a timeout problem in Util::MessageQueue
  • Minor Android fixes (screen rotation lock, compass device, face up/down ...)
  • Minor cleanup in Android platform code

Have fun coding!

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