Build 1.00.1938Beta Available!
The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.1938Beta is available.

Please notice the following API changes:
  • Renamed Step()/OnStep() methods to ProcessTick()/OnProcessTick() in ALL locic interfaces and classes
  • Renamed Animate()/OnAnimate() methods to ProcessFrame()/OnProcessFrame() in ALL locic interfaces and classes
  • Renamed Identity() to SetIdentity() for Math::Matrix
  • Renamed Minimum()/Maximum()/MinimumSelf()/MaximumSelf() to Min()/Max()/MinSelf()/MaxSelf() for Math::Vector
  • Renamed Length()/LengthSquared() to GetLength()/GetSquaredLength() for Math::Vector
  • Removed GetLocalEventVelocity() and GetLocalEventAcceleration() for Graph::IButton
  • Removed GetLocalVelocity() and GetLocalAcceleration() for Graph::IMultiTouchable
  • Added Graph::IButton::GetLocalEventDelta()
  • Added Graph::IMultiTouchable::GetLocalDelta()

  • Added FinishTick() and FinishFrame() methods in logic classes
  • Added Clamp()/ClampSelf() for Math::Vector
  • Added MinLength()/MaxLength()/ClampLength() and *Self() methods for Math::Vector
  • Atlas Generator: improved packing strategy and output size calculation
  • Atlas Generator: added exclude attribute for input files
  • Added Graph::IAligner interface and Graph::Aligner node
  • Added Graph::BoxCuller for orthographic cameras
  • Added system font rendering capability for Graph::TextGeometry
  • Enabled dynamic texture size change
  • Enabled Non-power-of-two textures, if enabled by GPU
  • Added Math::E constant and Math::Log2()/Math::Log10() functions
  • Improved error handling for textureSlot attribute in geometry nodes
  • Added DepthOrderKey element for XML animation resources
  • Added Util::StringToXXArray() methods
  • Enabled aspect clipping/borders in Graph::Camera nodes
  • Added Logic::ITimeline::IsOrWasRunning() method

Minor fixes:
  • Fixed Graph::Camera encapsulated state for input processing
  • Fixed Video renderer light state handling
  • Fixed bitmap font vertical size calculation in Font Converter
  • Fixed matteThreshold comparison in resource images
  • Fixed SetTextColor() and SetBackgroundColor() in Graph::FlatTextTexture
  • Fixed Logic::StateMachine

We also included the project files and source code files of the tutorials into the murl package for your convenience. A separate download of the tutorials is no longer necessary.

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