Build 1.00.4820 Available!

Posted on July 28, 2014

The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.4820Beta is available for download. This is a bug fix release.

Unfortunately there was a nasty bug in the last release which prevents a proper button detection if multiple cameras are used in an unordered way. The new release fixes this bug.

API Changes:

  • Changed the Resource::IShader interface to allow for shaders of multiple types and languages to be present in a single resource. Existing methods take an additional shaderIndex parameter to query a specific shader.
  • Removed the IEnums::ShaderLanguageVersion enumeration, which was merged into IEnums::ShaderLanguage.
  • Changed the Graph::IShader interface to allow returning video shader objects based on type (fragment/vertex), if present. Changed the Graph::Shader class to allow referencing shader resources containing both vertex and fragment shaders, and Graph::ShaderProgram to allow for referencing such a shader node via the common shaderId attribute.

New Features:

  • Added a fallback mechanism to Graph::IShader and Graph::IProgram, used in case a shader/program fails to compile or link.


  • Addons::Lua::IAddon Added GetGlobal(), SetGlobal() methods to enable data exchange from C++ to Lua and vice versa.


  • Renamed misspelled Android build variables: MURL_MODULE_PREBIULT_LIB_... to MURL_MODULE_PREBUILT_LIB_...
  • Fixed incorrect handling of Graph::Button nodes with respect to multiple cameras/input projections

For an detailed overview on what's new, please read the change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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