Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner

Posted on February 24, 2015

Spraylight, the company behind the Murl Engine, is now official Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner.

As a software partner, we have access to Intel's technical and marketing support centers and benefit from Intel's global network. Apart from access to Intel® processor based devices and Intel® tools and SDKs we also can take advantage of Intel®'s marketing and business support.

One first outcome of our cooperation is the publication of a white paper describing the Murl Engine in the Intel® Developer Zone. The article can be found here: Murl Engine Cross-Platform Development Tool with Android x86 Support

Being an Intel® software partner allows us to optimize the Murl Engine for Intel® based devices and guarantees optimal performance and compatibility for your Murl Engine apps. That's good news for us and the entire Murl Engine community.

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