Build 1.00.6624

Posted on March 13, 2017

A new Murl Engine Build 1.00.6624Beta is available for download. Added iOS build for base SDK 8.4 and deployment target 5.0 (Xcode 6.4, C99 / C++98) for backward compatibility. Android NDK has been updated to r14.


  • Added separate iOS build for base SDK 8.4 and deployment target 5.0 (Xcode 6.4, C99 / C++98) for backward compatibility
  • Built with Android NDK 14.0.3770861
  • Android Studio 2.3


  • Graph::ShaderParameters and related nodes now also accept a Graph::IProgram or Graph::IMaterial as parameter source
  • Added some missing converters to Util::PixelConverter
    • LF32 -> L8
    • LF32 -> RGBA32
    • LF32 -> RGBF96
    • LF32 -> RGBAF128
  • Relaxed Resource::XmlImage input restrictions: Allow (but warn) about surfaces not having the same dimension as the first one; rescale them instead of generating an error
  • Added "intensity" attribute to Graph::Light (+ interface methods), usable via uLightSpotN.z uniform in shaders
  • Added target anchor node & up vector in Graph::ISubject interface
  • Cleanup of Video::IRenderer, Video::IView and Video::IFrameBuffer
  • Cleanup of Audio::IRenderer, Audio::IView
  • Improved camera state change performance in Video::Renderer
  • Added Graph::MultiCamera and Graph::MultiCuller
  • Added controller creation/destruction methods to Graph::IRoot
  • Added Color::ToUInt32Clamped()


  • Misc node reinit fixes
    • Graph::Texture
    • Graph::View
    • Graph::FrameBuffer
    • Graph::ConstantBufferParameterGroup
  • Clean de-init in Video::GlEs20::Texture
  • Fixed Empty() methods in murl_index_base.h and murl_map_base.h
  • Fixed win32 preferences control returning a trailing 0 byte on querying a string value
  • fixed Platform::Win32::FileInterface::CreateFolder()

All changes can also be found in the change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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