Build 1.00.6708

Posted on June 12, 2017

A new Murl Engine Build 1.00.6708Beta is available for download.


  • Replaced outdated GLEE OpenGL extension handler with GLEW on OSX/Win32
  • Android Studio 2.3.3
  • Updated Android NDK minimum supported version to android-14 (was 9)
  • Removed Android target armeabi


  • Improved loading of DDS images
  • Cleaned up Util::VideoSurfaceTools
  • Built with Android NDK 15.0.4075724

New Features:

  • Introduced array textures and cubemap array textures (GLES)
  • Introduced frame buffer texture arrays
  • Introduced shadow samplers (GLES)
  • Experimental support for GLES3.0
  • Added Graph::IndexedNodeLinkController to link the index property of e.g. a Graph::Switch to a different one
  • Added support for software decompression of certain HW-compressed image formats (Util::PixelDecompressor)
  • Added support for loading KTX images (Resource::KtxImage)
  • Added global "cbTime" shader constant buffer, with float uniforms "uTimeSeconds" and "uTimeFraction"


  • Bug fix in gradle build script (Android)
  • Fixed XML image resources to respect custom image parameters
  • Fixed GLSL optimizer translation
  • Misc image decoding fixes
  • Fixed local host name resolution on iOS
  • Fixed Android broadcast address

All changes can also be found in the change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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