Build 2018.3.7623

Posted on February 25, 2019

A new Murl Engine Build 2018.3.7623 is available for download.

Build Environment:

  • Update Android Build Environment to Android Studio 3.3.1 (minimum supported version is now android-16, was android-14)
  • Update macos/ios/tvos Build Environment to Xcode 10.1
  • Update emscripten Build Environment to 1.38.28

API Changes:

  • FontConverter: Removed --input_xml option.

Bug Fixes:

  • Wrong StringToSInt32 parse for empty string.
  • Report parsing errors during resource creation
  • Graph::NinePatchPlaneSequenceGeometry not respecting texture size stored in atlas
  • Graph::PlaneSequenceGeometry: SetRectangleName() not accepted if node is not yet initialized
  • Graph::TextGeometry does not accept a font resource directly set via code
  • iPad Pro DisplayRefreshFrequency setzten
  • Crash when deleting an input node (Graph::Button) during Logic::OnProcessTick()
  • Logic::Processor::RemoveDeInitChild() returns incorrect bool value from DeInit() call
  • Graph::Button initialization fails if button is not yet attached to a parent
  • Windows/OpenGL: Rendering errors when engine is in sequential run loop mode
  • OSX application wird angehalten wenn das Fenster inaktiv ist
  • appConfig->SetIosPreferredScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures funktioniert nicht
  • Toolkit: Node ID correction produces duplicate IDs for elements only differing in upper/lowercase
  • Scene Converter: Geometric transformation ignored on FBX import


  • IUrlRequest: add possibility to get HTTP headers from response
  • Prepend "::Murl" namespace to object types used in MURL_FACTORY_OBJECT_PROPERTIES macro and others
  • Graph::Button / Graph::FrameBuffer: Allow dynamic setting of input in/out coordinates
  • Url request should support custom http headers
  • IUrlRequest: Add possibility to specify HTTP headers
  • Provide additional Euler rotation orders (other than ZYX)
  • CoordSize values of atlas rectangles sometimes have rounding errors
  • FontConverter: Misc Improvements
  • FontConverter: add option to limit the character set when creating a TrueType font resource.
  • FontConverter: add parameter --none_power_of_two_height to allow vertical cropping of the font output image.
  • Add methods to append UTF-32 characters to String class.
  • Add missing attributes for Rectangle resources to XSD file
  • Automatically correct the window size if display surface size changes (Windows, macOS)
  • Add enums for Apple GPU IEnums::GPU_APPLE_3_CORE, Enums::GPU_APPLE_4_CORE
  • Add enums for new iPad devices: IPAD_6, IPAD_PRO_11IN0_1, IPAD_PRO_12IN9_3

All changes can also be found in the change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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