Build 2019.1.7666

Posted on April 8, 2019

A new Murl Engine Build 2019.1.7666 is available for download.

Build Environment:

  • Update macOS/iOS/tvOS Build Environment to Xcode 10.2
  • Update Android Build Environment to Android Studio 3.3.2
  • Update emscripten Build Environment to 1.38.29

API Changes:

  • Remove openal_apple from 3rd party

New Features:

  • Added possibility to retrieve response body in case of not success HTTP status
  • Added possibility to receive HTTP response code


  • Added detailed documentation for Murl::Util::PrintToString format argument
  • Toolkit: Add file/folder name & path properties
  • Improve container fitting for Graph::TextGeometry

Bug Fixes:

  • Calling DestroyUrlRequest on request that is not finished crashes the app.
  • Failed to convert value "" for attribute "xxx" to Float
  • Button in Frame Buffer: clicks are reported outside actual frame buffer button range
  • Fix issues related to outputTextureId of Graph::TextGeometry and Graph::FlatTextTexture
  • Container self assignment

All changes can also be found in the change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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