Build 1.00.5358 Available!

Posted on January 16, 2015

The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.5358Beta is available for download. Among other new features, this release brings support for the new mathematical expression evaluator and will create apps with smaller binary sizes.

API Changes:

  • Clearing a frame buffer now always affects the whole target surface instead of the masked region only.

New Features:

  • Atlas Generator support for specifying a minimum output image size:
    Added <Output> <Image minSizeX="0" minSizeY="0" [minSize="0"]/> attribute.
  • Introduced a simple expression evaluator (Util::Evaluator), which is also used for parsing XML attributes in a graph resource and tools XML config files. See blog post for further details.
  • Added IEngineConfiguration::GetDefaultGraphParameters(), which can be used to specify custom global constants for scene graph attribute evaluation.


  • Support for Android NDK r10d
  • Updated 3rd party facebook SDK to iOS v3.22 and Android v3.22
  • Updated 3rd party libwebp to libwebp-0.4.2
  • Android platform support for low-memory warning, see IAppConfiguration::SetMemoryWarning()
  • Graph::Button up/down/hover/disabled state can share same nodes
  • Added Graph::INode::GetPath() method
  • Added Graph::INode::PrintTree() parameters to include and exclude nodes by NodeFlags
  • Added Math::StaticMatrix::Zero() and Math::StaticMatrix::Identity()
  • Added Math::Matrix operator== and operator!=
  • Added Math::Quaternion operator== and operator!=
  • Added Math::Rectangle IsEqual(), operator== and operator!=
  • Added Color operator== and operator!=
  • Added Logic::Animation::SetIntermediateKeys() method
  • Added Logic::IState::GetResourceText() method
  • Added maxNumberOfStreamBuffers attribute to Graph::AudioSequence
  • Reduced app binary size by enabling hidden symbol visibility and dead code stripping


  • Fixed an initialization problem in Graph::Light
  • Added missing allowDynamicBatching XML attribute in Graph::CubeGeometry
  • Fixed an error when using exclude and include conditions for a resource in an XML package at the same time.
  • Fixed a problem when clearing frame buffers on certain devices.
  • Report an error when a frame buffer texture is bound to multiple frame buffers

All changes can also be found in change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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