Build 1.00.5630 Verfügbar!

Gepostet am 27. Jänner 2015

Der neue Murl Engine Build 1.00.5630Beta steht zum Download bereit. Das ist ein normaler Update Release mit zahlreichen Verbesserungen und Fixes.

API Changes

  • Graph::INamespace::UnregisterNode()/UnregisterSubNamespace() now require an additional pointer to the actual object
  • Reworked Logic::ITouchArea to Logic::IScrollProcessor

New Features

  • Support for cube maps and/or MIP levels in DDS image resources


  • Updated 3rd party facebook SDK to iOS v3.23.2 and Android v3.23.1
  • Added functions to expression evaluator:
    Murl::Math::Interpolation() e.g. a = Interpolation('EASE_IN', b)
    Murl::Util::Rng::Seed(), Rand(), RandBool(), RandSInt(), RandReal(), RandDouble()
  • Added more detailed error messages to expression evaluator.
  • Added Util::Rng RandDouble() method.
  • Added String::GetUTF8Char() and String::GetChar() method.
  • Optimized memory usage for IUrlRequest.
  • Reworked Logic::ITouchArea to Logic::IScrollProcessor:
    Added position tracking and bounds with damping.
  • Graph::FixedParameters nodes now accept multiple parent parameters nodes for modulation
  • Resource::IImage, Resource::IAudio and Resource::IVideo can now hold multiple data streams
  • Allow querying the optional bounding volume of a Graph::INode
  • Allow querying the default controller class info of a Graph::INode


  • Fixed Graph::Template not accepting user-defined attributes
  • Fixed Graph::Material not updating depth offsets upon initialization
  • Fixed a bug in the PVR image loader not accepting a proper MIP chain
  • Fixed an initialization problem in Graph::Transform when using euler angles
  • Fixed a crash when re-initializing a Graph::FixedParameters node
  • Fixed Util::GetNormalizedPath()
  • Fixed unexpected behaviour in Util::Util::GetNormalizedPath()
  • Setup MURL_IMAGE_CONVERTER shell variable
  • Misc fixes in scene_converter tool
  • Added missing controller classes to Graph::IFactory
  • Fixed an initialization problem in Graph::FrameBuffer
  • Added some missing forward declarations
  • Fixed Graph::Anchor update at very first frame
  • Fixed a crash in Graph::FlatTexture and Graph::CubemapTexture when changing source image resources/video streams at runtime
  • Fixed parent order for Graph::IReference nodes
  • Fixed lagging touchable input when moving a camera
  • Fixed a crash when loading a package failed (regression)
  • Fixed fullscreen & vsync bugs in DirectX 11.1 platform frontend
  • Fixed a bug in Android IAP when more than 20 SKUs are queried

Alle Änderungen können auch im Change Log gefunden werden.

Abschließend noch unser obligatorischer Hinweis: Wenn du Schwierigkeiten mit dem Build hast, einen Bug findest oder sonstige entwicklungsrelevante Themen diskutieren möchtest, verwende unser Forum.

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