Build 1.00.6320 Available!

Posted on March 7, 2016

The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.6320Beta is available for download. This is a major update release with support for Visual Studio 2015 and several improvements and fixes. Please note the Visual Studio deployment change.

Visual Studio 2015

Support for Visual Studio 2015 has been added. To keep the download package at a reasonable size we will, beginning with this release, only include the latest supported Visual Studio version in the archive. Therefore the download package will contain the Visual Studio libraries for Visual Studio 2015 only. We still support Visual Studio 2008, 2010 and 2013 but don't deliver libs for these versions per default. So if you need to work with an older Visual Studio version, please contact us via the forums or write us an email and we will provide you a separate download link.

Atlas Generator

  • Added option for generating graph_textures.xml containing texture setup
  • Added option for generating package.xml containing generated resources

Scene Converter

  • Added "allowDynamicBatching" attribute to elements in config files
  • Added "forceConstantKeys" attribute to elements in config files
  • Added "depthOrder" attribute to elements in config files
  • Added various attributes to element in config files for better control of generated textures (matching the attributes in scene graph):
    • useAlpha
    • useMipMaps
    • usePrescale
    • mipMapGenerationMode
    • pixelFormat
    • wrapModeX
    • wrapModeY
    • wrapModeZ
    • magFilter
    • minFilter
    • mipFilter
    • maxAnisotropy
  • Added "sourceClipId", "sourceStartTime", "sourceStopTime" and "destinationStartTime" attributes to element in config files for cloning animation clips
  • Added support for scaling key frames
  • Added support for constant key frames
  • Added "replaceWithMaterialSlot" and "replaceWithParametersSlot" attributes to elements for specifying separate slots for material and parameters used
  • Added support for direct import of blend shapes from FBX files


  • Added "flipX" and "flipY" attributes to Resource::Image and derived classes
  • Added Graph::IClipSequencer::Reset() interface method
  • Added Graph::IClipSequencer::GetCurrentClip() interface method
  • Added Graph::ITimeline::SetTimeShift() and SetTimeOffset() methods
  • Added Graph::IAnimationTimeController::SetRotationBlendReference() and SetRotationBlendDirection() methods
  • Added named rectangles in Resource::IAtlas
  • Introduced Graph::INinePatch common property interface for Graph:INinePatchPlaneGeometry and (newly added) Graph:INinePatchPlaneSequenceGeometry
  • Resource::IAtlas: Allow different texture slot & reference size per rectangle


  • Fixed Graph::TextGeometry outline font update bug when container fitting & word wrapping are both enabled
  • Fixed evaluation of multiple blend factors
  • Util::Timeline: fixed NaN for clips with zero duration
  • Fixed Graph::Timeline to allow clipIndex to be set without animation resource (regression)
  • Fixed IEnums::Interpolation enum missing deprecated hermite name strings
  • Fixed handling of a parent timeline in Graph::Timeline
  • Fixed a crash in Graph::Clip when no blendable is specified
  • Fixed quaternion blending direction in Resource::IAnimation
  • Fixed Graph::TextGeometry not updating text from resource
  • Fixed auto resetting of scene graph node values
  • Fixed decoding/encoding of PNG images with 16 bits per component
  • Fixed accepting command line parameters in various elements in scene converter config files
  • Fixed FBX pivot handling in scene converter
  • Fixed FBX bone offset matrix calculation in scene converter
  • Fixed considering additional node transforms in scene converter
  • Fixed normal/tangent vector removal in scene converter
  • Fixed handling of mirrored scaling in scene converter
  • Fixed actual clip start/stop frames in scene converter
  • Automatically create unique node IDs for empty IDs when converting FBX files using scene converter
  • Fixed re-init of Graph::PlaneSequenceGeometry (recentIndex)
  • Fixed Graph::GenericParameterGroup and Graph::GenericParameters init with empty target
  • Fixed Graph::Light bounding volume recalculation
  • Misc fixes in frame buffer handling
  • Misc null pointer checks

All changes can also be found in change log.

As always, if you encounter difficulties, find a bug or want to discuss development issues, head over to the Forum.

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