The font rendering class, see IFont. More...

#include "murl_util_font.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Util::Font:

Public Member Functions

 Font (const Resource::IFont *resourceFont, Real size)
 Constructor taking a font resource and size. More...
virtual ~Font ()
 The destructor.
virtual Bool SetSize (Real size)
 Implementation of IFont::SetSize().
virtual Real GetSize () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetSize().
virtual Bool SetSpacing (Real spacing)
 Implementation of IFont::SetSpacing().
virtual Real GetSpacing () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetSpacing().
virtual Bool SetLeading (Real leading)
 Implementation of IFont::SetLeading().
virtual Real GetLeading () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetLeading().
virtual Bool SetEmbolding (Real strength)
 Implementation of IFont::SetEmbolding().
virtual Real GetEmbolding () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetEmbolding().
virtual Bool SetBlur (Real strength)
 Implementation of IFont::SetBlur().
virtual Real GetBlur () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetBlur().
virtual Bool SetSpaceWidthFactor (Real factor)
 Implementation of IFont::SetSpaceWidthFactor().
virtual Real GetSpaceWidthFactor () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetSpaceWidthFactor().
virtual Bool SetDigitWidthFactor (Real factor)
 Implementation of IFont::SetDigitWidthFactor().
virtual Real GetDigitWidthFactor () const
 Implementation of IFont::GetDigitWidthFactor().
virtual Bool SetSameDigitWidthEnabled (Bool enabled)
 Implementation of IFont::SetSameDigitWidthEnabled().
virtual Bool IsSameDigitWidthEnabled () const
 Implementation of IFont::IsSameDigitWidthEnabled().
virtual Bool RenderText (const String &text, const Color &textColor, const Color &backgroundColor, Bool clearSurface, Bool enableWordWrap, Real containerPosX, Real containerPosY, Real containerSizeX, Real containerSizeY, IEnums::TextAlignmentX alignX, IEnums::TextAlignmentY alignY, IVideoSurface *surface) const
 Implementation of IFont::RenderText().
virtual Bool QueryTextSize (const String &text, Bool enableWordWrap, Real containerPosX, Real containerPosY, Real containerSizeX, Real containerSizeY, Real &textSizeX, Real &textSizeY) const
 Implementation of IFont::QueryTextSize().
virtual void SetResourceFont (const Resource::IFont *resourceFont)
 Set the font resource. More...
virtual const Resource::IFontGetResourceFont () const
 Get the font resource. More...

Detailed Description

The font rendering class, see IFont.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Font()

Murl::Util::Font::Font ( const Resource::IFont resourceFont,
Real  size 

Constructor taking a font resource and size.

resourceFontThe font resource.
sizeThe size of the font.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetResourceFont()

virtual void Murl::Util::Font::SetResourceFont ( const Resource::IFont resourceFont)

Set the font resource.

resourceFontThe font resource.

◆ GetResourceFont()

virtual const Resource::IFont* Murl::Util::Font::GetResourceFont ( ) const

Get the font resource.

The font resource.

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