Utility class implementing the IFileInterface class. More...

#include "murl_util_tools_file_interface.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Util::ToolsFileInterface:

Public Member Functions

 ToolsFileInterface ()
 The default constructor.
virtual ~ToolsFileInterface ()
 The destructor.
virtual Bool FileExists (const String &name, IEnums::FileCategory category)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::FileExists().
virtual Bool FolderExists (const String &name, IEnums::FileCategory category)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::FolderExists().
- Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::Util::FileInterface
 FileInterface ()
 The constructor.
virtual ~FileInterface ()
 The destructor.
virtual Bool GetAbsoluteName (const String &relativeName, IEnums::FileCategory category, String &absoluteName)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::GetAbsoluteName().
virtual Bool GetAllFileNames (const String &relativePath, IEnums::FileCategory category, StringArray &names)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::GetAllFileNames().
virtual Bool GetAllFolderNames (const String &relativePath, IEnums::FileCategory category, StringArray &names)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::GetAllFolderNames().
virtual IFileOpenFile (const String &name, IEnums::FileCategory category, IEnums::FileAccessMode mode, Bool createFolders)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::OpenFile().
virtual Bool CloseFile (IFile *&handle)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::CloseFile().
virtual Bool MapFileData (const String &name, IEnums::FileCategory category, ConstData &data)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::MapFileData().
virtual Bool UnmapFileData (ConstData &data)
 Implementation of IFileInterface::UnmapFileData().

Protected Member Functions

virtual Bool MapFile (const String &name, IEnums::FileCategory category, const UInt8 *&data, UInt64 &byteSize)
 Implementation of FileInterface::MapFile().
virtual Bool UnmapFile (const UInt8 *data)
 Implementation of FileInterface::UnmapFile().
virtual Bool CreateFolder (const String &absolutePath)
 Implementation of FileInterface::CreateFolder().
virtual Bool GetAbsolutePath (IEnums::FileCategory category, String &absolutePath)
 Implementation of FileInterface::GetAbsolutePath().

Protected Attributes

Index< const UInt8 * > mMappedFiles
 The mapped files memory pointer storage. More...

Detailed Description

Utility class implementing the IFileInterface class.

The tools file interface class is intend for tools development and supports the file category IEnums::FILE_CATEGORY_CURRENT and IEnums::FILE_CATEGORY_ROOT only.

Member Data Documentation

◆ mMappedFiles

Index<const UInt8*> Murl::Util::ToolsFileInterface::mMappedFiles

The mapped files memory pointer storage.

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