Murl::Graph::CloneTransform Class Reference

The CloneTransform node class. More...

#include "murl_graph_clone_transform.h"

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
typedef Array< const ClassInfo *> ClassInfoArray
 Definition of an array of ClassInfo objects. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
virtual ~IFactoryObject ()
 The destructor. More...
virtual const ClassInfo * GetObjectClassInfo () const=0
 Get the object instance's class info, if present. More...
virtual void ResetObjectProperties ()=0
 Reset the object instance's properties to their default values.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
static const PropertyInfoGetPropertyInfo ()
 Get the class' property info struct. More...
static const AttributeInfoGetAttributeInfo ()
 Get the class' attribute info struct. More...
static void ResetProperties (IFactoryObject< INode > *object)
 Reset an object instance's properties to their default values. More...

Detailed Description

The CloneTransform node class.

XML Elements

XML Graph Node Tag:


XML Graph Node Attributes:

anchorId="" [String]

The node ID of the Murl::Graph::IAnchor node to reference. See Murl::Graph::ICloneTransform::GetAnchorNodeTarget().

useAbsoluteTransform="false" [Bool]

Enable/disable absolute transform cloning. See Murl::Graph::ICloneTransform::SetUsingAbsoluteTransformEnabled().

affectRotation="true" [Bool]

Enable/disable rotation cloning. See Murl::Graph::ICloneTransform::SetAffectRotationEnabled().

affectTranslation="true" [Bool]

Enable/disable translation cloning. See Murl::Graph::ICloneTransform::SetAffectTranslationEnabled().

affectDepthOrder="true" [Bool]

Enable/disable depth order cloning. See Murl::Graph::ICloneTransform::SetAffectDepthOrderEnabled().

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