The Field node class. More...

#include "murl_graph_field.h"

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
using ClassInfoArray = Array< const ClassInfo * >
 Definition of an array of ClassInfo objects.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
 ~IFactoryObject () override
 The destructor.
virtual const ClassInfo * GetObjectClassInfo () const=0
 Get the object instance's class info, if present. More...
virtual void ResetObjectProperties ()=0
 Reset the object instance's properties to their default values.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
static const PropertyInfoGetPropertyInfo ()
 Get the class' property info struct. More...
static const AttributeInfoGetAttributeInfo ()
 Get the class' attribute info struct. More...
static void ResetProperties (IFactoryObject< INode > *object)
 Reset an object instance's properties to their default values. More...

Detailed Description

The Field node class.

XML Elements

XML Graph Node Tag:


XML Graph Node Attributes:

influenceGroups="0xffffffff" [UInt32]

The bit mask of the physics groups this field is influencing. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetInfluenceGroupMask().

constantFactor="1.0" [Real]

The field's constant influence factor. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetConstantFactor().

linearFactor="0.0" [Real]

The field's linear influence factor. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetLinearFactor().

quadraticFactor="0.0" [Real]

The field's quadratic influence factor. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetQuadraticFactor().

type="ACCELERATION" [IEnums::FieldType]

The field type specifying the kind of influence, either ACCELERATION or FORCE. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetType().

shape="SPHERE" [IEnums::FieldShape]

The shape of the field, either PLANE or SPHERE. See Murl::Graph::IField::SetShape().

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