The ICollidable graph node interface. More...

#include "murl_graph_i_collidable.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual Bool SetSurfaceSlot (SInt32 slot)=0
 Set the surface slot used for simulation. More...
virtual SInt32 GetSurfaceSlot () const =0
 Get the surface slot used for simulation. More...

Detailed Description

The ICollidable graph node interface.

Collidables are used in the framework's physics simulator to generate collisions between individual Graph::IBody nodes. There exist a number of derived interfaces that represent colliders of different shapes, such as planes, spheres or triangle meshes.

To attach a collider to a specific body, it must be defined within the sub graph of that body, not necessarily as a direct child. It is possible to apply a relative transform between the actual body and any of its colliders, to build a more complex collision object made up from a number of simple colliders.

The actual physical properties of an encountered collision with another collidable (such as bounciness or friction) are determined from a Graph::IContact node defining these properties for a Graph::ISurface pair, with the Graph::ISurface currently active at at the given slot (see SetSurfaceSlot()) and the collision partner's surface.

See Graph::ISurface for defining a collidable's phyiscal surface properties. See Graph::IBody for defining a body to attach to.

Member Function Documentation

◆ SetSurfaceSlot()

virtual Bool Murl::Graph::ICollidable::SetSurfaceSlot ( SInt32  slot)
pure virtual

Set the surface slot used for simulation.

slotThe surface slot.
true if successful.

◆ GetSurfaceSlot()

virtual SInt32 Murl::Graph::ICollidable::GetSurfaceSlot ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the surface slot used for simulation.

The surface slot.

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