The ITimeEvaluator interface. More...

#include "murl_graph_i_time_evaluator.h"

Inherited by Murl::Graph::AnimationTimeEvaluator, and Murl::Graph::FloatTimeEvaluator.

Public Member Functions

virtual ITimeEvaluatorGetTimeEvaluatorInterface ()=0
 Get the mutable ITimeEvaluator interface. More...
virtual const ITimeEvaluatorGetTimeEvaluatorInterface () const =0
 Get the constant ITimeEvaluator interface. More...
virtual Bool Evaluate (UInt32 clipIndex, Double clipTime)=0
 Evaluate the node's property to set. More...
virtual Bool Evaluate (const UInt32 *clipIndices, const Double *clipTimes, const Real *blendFactors, UInt32 numAnimations)=0
 Evaluate the node's property to set according to multiple blended time values. More...

Detailed Description

The ITimeEvaluator interface.

This interface provides a generic way to manipulate an individual property of a given Graph::INode, by attaching a Graph::ITimeEvaluator object to a given Graph::ITimeController instance.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetTimeEvaluatorInterface() [1/2]

virtual ITimeEvaluator* Murl::Graph::ITimeEvaluator::GetTimeEvaluatorInterface ( )
pure virtual

Get the mutable ITimeEvaluator interface.

The mutable ITimeEvaluator interface.

◆ GetTimeEvaluatorInterface() [2/2]

virtual const ITimeEvaluator* Murl::Graph::ITimeEvaluator::GetTimeEvaluatorInterface ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the constant ITimeEvaluator interface.

The constant ITimeEvaluator interface.

◆ Evaluate() [1/2]

virtual Bool Murl::Graph::ITimeEvaluator::Evaluate ( UInt32  clipIndex,
Double  clipTime 
pure virtual

Evaluate the node's property to set.

clipIndexThe zero-based animation clip index.
clipTimeThe current animation time within the given clip for which the property should be evaluated.
true if successful.

◆ Evaluate() [2/2]

virtual Bool Murl::Graph::ITimeEvaluator::Evaluate ( const UInt32 clipIndices,
const Double clipTimes,
const Real blendFactors,
UInt32  numAnimations 
pure virtual

Evaluate the node's property to set according to multiple blended time values.

clipIndicesAn array of zero-based animation clip indices.
clipTimesAn array of the current animation times within the given clips for which the property should be evaluated.
blendFactorsAn array of the blend factors to apply.
numAnimationsThe number of clip, time & blend entries to process.
true if successful.

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