Murl::Graph::TextGeometry Class Reference

The TextGeometry node class. More...

#include "murl_graph_text_geometry.h"

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- Public Types inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
using ClassInfoArray = Array< const ClassInfo * >
 Definition of an array of ClassInfo objects.
- Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
 ~IFactoryObject () override
 The destructor.
virtual const ClassInfo * GetObjectClassInfo () const=0
 Get the object instance's class info, if present. More...
virtual void ResetObjectProperties ()=0
 Reset the object instance's properties to their default values.
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::IFactoryObject< INode >
static const PropertyInfoGetPropertyInfo ()
 Get the class' property info struct. More...
static const AttributeInfoGetAttributeInfo ()
 Get the class' attribute info struct. More...
static void ResetProperties (IFactoryObject< INode > *object)
 Reset an object instance's properties to their default values. More...

Detailed Description

The TextGeometry node class.

XML Elements

XML Graph Node Tag:


XML Graph Node Attributes:

materialSlot="0" [SInt32]

The material slot to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetMaterialSlot().

parametersSlot="0" [SInt32]

The parameters' slot to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetParametersSlot().

textureSlots="{0}" [SInt32Array]

An array of texture slots to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetTextureSlot().

textureSlot.N="0" [SInt32]

A single texture slot to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetTextureSlot().

bufferAccessMode="DEFAULT" [IEnums::BufferAccessMode]

The internal video buffer access mode. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetBufferAccessMode().

maxNumberOfLightStages="1" [UInt32]

The maximum number of light stages to render. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetMaxNumberOfLightStages().

enableViewCulling="true" [Bool]

Enable/disable view culling. See Murl::Graph::IDrawable::SetViewCullingEnabled().

pixelFormat="PIXEL_FORMAT_R8_G8_B8_A8" [IEnums::PixelFormat]

Sets an explicit pixel format for the texture. See Murl::Graph::ITexture::SetPixelFormat().

reservedCharacters="0" [UInt32]

The number of characters this text node can hold. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetNumberOfReservedCharacters().

systemFontName="" [String]

The ID of a system font to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetSystemFontName().

fontType="UNDEFINED" [IEnums::FontType]

The font type. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetFontType().

fontSize="0.0" [Real]

The size of a system or outline font to use for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetFontSize().

textColor="1.0f,1.0f,1.0f,1.0f" [Color]

The system or outline font text color. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetTextColor().

backgroundColor="0.0f,0.0f,0.0f,0.0f" [Color]

The system or outline font background color. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetBackgroundColor().

fontResourceId="" [String]

The ID of the font resource to use, containing either bitmap rectangles or outlines. See Murl::Graph::IText::GetFontResourceTarget().

textResourceId="" [String]

The optional resource ID of the resource text object to use. See Murl::Graph::IText::GetTextResourceTarget().

parentTextId="" [String]

The optional ID of a parent text node used as a text source. See Murl::Graph::IText::GetParentTextNodeTarget().

outputTextureId="" [String]

The optional ID of a texture node used for rendering. See Murl::Graph::IText::GetOutputTextureNodeTarget().

text="" [String]

If no text resource ID is given, this directly sets the text to display. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetText().

textHints="NONE" [IEnums::TextHint]

An bit mask of text hints.

enableWordWrapping="false" [Bool]

Enable/disable word wrapping. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetWordWrappingEnabled().

enableContainerFitting="false" [Bool]

Enable/disable automatic container fitting. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetContainerFittingEnabled().

containerFittingIterations="0" [UInt32]

Set the number of container fitting iterations. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetNumberOfContainerFittingIterations().

scaleFactor="1.0" [Real]

The combined X and Y scale factor. See Murl::Graph::IScalable::SetScaleFactor().

scaleFactorX="1.0" [Real]

The X scale factor. See Murl::Graph::IScalable::SetScaleFactorX().

scaleFactorY="1.0" [Real]

The Y scale factor. See Murl::Graph::IScalable::SetScaleFactorY().

containerSizeX="0.0" [Real]

The horizontal size of the virtual container used for text alignment. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetContainerSizeX().

containerSizeY="0.0" [Real]

The vertical size of the virtual container used for text alignment. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetContainerSizeY().

spaceWidth="1.0" [Real]

The horizontal scale factor for the space character. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetSpaceWidthFactor().

digitWidth="1.0" [Real]

The horizontal scale factor for digit characters. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetDigitWidthFactor().

spacing="0.0" [Real]

The character spacing value. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetSpacing().

leading="0.0" [Real]

The line leading value. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetLeading().

embolding="0.0" [Real]

The outline embolding strength. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetEmbolding().

blur="0.0" [Real]

The blur strength. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetBlur().

useSameDigitWidth="false" [Bool]

Enable/disable unified digit width. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetSameDigitWidthEnabled().

usePrescale="false" [Bool]

If true, the internal texture dimensions will be reduced according to the prescale factor set in the global IConfiguration. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetPrescalingEnabled().

allowNpotTexture="true" [Bool]

Allow/disallow the use of a non-power-of-two texturew See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetNonPowerOfTwoTextureAllowed().

containerAlignmentX="CENTER" [IEnums::AlignmentX]

The horizontal alignment of the virtual layout container. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetContainerAlignmentX().

containerAlignmentY="CENTER" [IEnums::AlignmentY]

The vertical alignment of the virtual layout container. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetContainerAlignmentY().

textAlignmentX="CENTER" [IEnums::TextAlignmentX]

The horizontal text alignment. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetTextAlignmentX().

textAlignmentY="CENTER" [IEnums::TextAlignmentY]

The vertical text alignment. See Murl::Graph::IText::SetTextAlignmentY().

objectBoundingMode="CONTAINER" [IEnums::ObjectBoundingMode]

The common object bounding mode. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetObjectBoundingMode().

objectBoundingModeX="CONTAINER" [IEnums::ObjectBoundingMode]

The horizontal object bounding mode. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetObjectBoundingModeX().

objectBoundingModeY="CONTAINER" [IEnums::ObjectBoundingMode]

The vertical object bounding mode. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetObjectBoundingModeY().

border="0.0" [Real]

The horizontal and vertical alignment borders. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetBorder().

borderX="0.0" [Real]

The horizontal alignment border. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetBorderX().

borderY="0.0" [Real]

The vertical alignment border. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetBorderY().

offset="0.0" [Real]

The horizontal and vertical outline text offsets. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetOffset().

offsetX="0.0" [Real]

The horizontal outline text offset. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetOffsetX().

offsetY="0.0" [Real]

The vertical outline text offset. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetOffsetY().

alignmentUnit="" [Real]

Unified horizontal and vertical alignment unit. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetAlignmentUnit().

alignmentUnitX="" [Real]

The horizontal alignment unit. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetAlignmentUnitX().

alignmentUnitY="" [Real]

The vertical alignment unit. See Murl::Graph::ITextGeometry::SetAlignmentUnitY().

XML Animation Resource Tags:

<ScalingKey interpolation="LINEAR"> [ScalingKey]

The animation key acting on Murl::Graph::IScalable::SetScaleFactor().

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