Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry Interface Referenceabstract

The app factory registry interface. More...

#include "murl_i_app_factory_registry.h"

Inherited by Murl::Core::AppFactoryRegistry.

Public Member Functions

virtual Resource::IFactoryRegistryGetResourceFactoryRegistry ()=0
 Get the resource factory registry. More...
virtual Graph::IFactoryRegistryGetGraphFactoryRegistry ()=0
 Get the graph factory registry. More...
virtual Audio::IFactoryRegistryGetAudioFactoryRegistry ()=0
 Get the audio factory registry. More...
virtual Video::IFactoryRegistryGetVideoFactoryRegistry ()=0
 Get the video factory registry. More...
virtual Physics::IFactoryRegistryGetPhysicsFactoryRegistry ()=0
 Get the physics factory registry. More...
virtual const Resource::IFactoryGetResourceFactory () const =0
 Get the resource factory. More...
virtual const Graph::IFactoryGetGraphFactory () const =0
 Get the graph factory. More...
virtual const Audio::IFactoryGetAudioFactory () const =0
 Get the audio factory. More...
virtual const Video::IFactoryGetVideoFactory () const =0
 Get the video factory. More...
virtual const Physics::IFactoryGetPhysicsFactory () const =0
 Get the physics factory. More...

Detailed Description

The app factory registry interface.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetResourceFactoryRegistry()

virtual Resource::IFactoryRegistry* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetResourceFactoryRegistry ( )
pure virtual

Get the resource factory registry.

The resource factory registry.

◆ GetGraphFactoryRegistry()

virtual Graph::IFactoryRegistry* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetGraphFactoryRegistry ( )
pure virtual

Get the graph factory registry.

The graph factory registry.

◆ GetAudioFactoryRegistry()

virtual Audio::IFactoryRegistry* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetAudioFactoryRegistry ( )
pure virtual

Get the audio factory registry.

The audio factory registry.

◆ GetVideoFactoryRegistry()

virtual Video::IFactoryRegistry* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetVideoFactoryRegistry ( )
pure virtual

Get the video factory registry.

The video factory registry.

◆ GetPhysicsFactoryRegistry()

virtual Physics::IFactoryRegistry* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetPhysicsFactoryRegistry ( )
pure virtual

Get the physics factory registry.

The physics factory registry.

◆ GetResourceFactory()

virtual const Resource::IFactory* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetResourceFactory ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the resource factory.

The resource factory.

◆ GetGraphFactory()

virtual const Graph::IFactory* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetGraphFactory ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the graph factory.

The graph factory.

◆ GetAudioFactory()

virtual const Audio::IFactory* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetAudioFactory ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the audio factory.

The audio factory.

◆ GetVideoFactory()

virtual const Video::IFactory* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetVideoFactory ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the video factory.

The video factory.

◆ GetPhysicsFactory()

virtual const Physics::IFactory* Murl::IAppFactoryRegistry::GetPhysicsFactory ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the physics factory.

The physics factory.

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