Murl::IGameCenterPlayer Interface Referenceabstract

The player entry interface. More...

#include "murl_i_game_center_entries.h"

Inherited by Murl::Platform::GameCenterPlayer.

Public Member Functions

virtual const StringGetPlayerId () const =0
 Get the player identifier. More...
virtual const StringGetAlias () const =0
 Get the player alias. More...
virtual const StringGetDisplayName () const =0
 Get the player name. More...

Detailed Description

The player entry interface.

Player entries are used by the GameCenterPlayerEntries array.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetPlayerId()

virtual const String& Murl::IGameCenterPlayer::GetPlayerId ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the player identifier.

The player identifier should never be displayed to the player. Use it only as a way to identify a particular player.
Do not make assumptions about the contents of the player identifier string. Its format and length are subject to change.

The player identifier.

◆ GetAlias()

virtual const String& Murl::IGameCenterPlayer::GetAlias ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the player alias.

A string chosen by the player to identify themselves to other players.

The player alias.

◆ GetDisplayName()

virtual const String& Murl::IGameCenterPlayer::GetDisplayName ( ) const
pure virtual

Get the player name.

The display name for a player depends on whether the player is a friend of the local player authenticated on the device.
If the player is a friend of the local player, then the display name is the actual name of the player.
If the player is not a friend, then the display name is the player’s alias.

The player name.

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