Murl::IGyroscope Interface Referenceabstract

The gyroscope device interface. More...

#include "murl_i_gyroscope.h"

Inherited by Murl::Input::GyroscopeDevice.

Public Member Functions

virtual void PostEvent (Real rotX, Real rotY, Real rotZ)=0
 Post the current gyroscope angular velocity. More...

Detailed Description

The gyroscope device interface.

Used by the platform to post events to the device.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PostEvent()

virtual void Murl::IGyroscope::PostEvent ( Real  rotX,
Real  rotY,
Real  rotZ 
pure virtual

Post the current gyroscope angular velocity.

rotXThe angular velocity around the x-axis in radians per second.
rotYThe angular velocity around the y-axis in radians per second.
rotZThe angular velocity around the Z-axis in radians per second.

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