Murl::ILocation Interface Referenceabstract

The location device interface. More...

#include "murl_i_location.h"

Inherited by Murl::Input::LocationDevice.

Public Member Functions

virtual void PostEvent (Double latitude, Double longitude, Double altitude, Double velocity, Double horizontalAccuracy, Double verticalAccuracy)=0
 Post the current location data. More...
virtual void PostStatusEvent (IEnums::AuthorizationStatus authorization)=0
 Post the current device authorization status. More...

Detailed Description

The location device interface.

Used by the platform to post events to the device.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PostEvent()

virtual void Murl::ILocation::PostEvent ( Double  latitude,
Double  longitude,
Double  altitude,
Double  velocity,
Double  horizontalAccuracy,
Double  verticalAccuracy 
pure virtual

Post the current location data.

latitudeThe latitude in degrees relative to the equator. Positive values indicate latitudes north of the equator. Negative values indicate latitudes south of the equator.
longitudeThe longitude in degrees relative to the zero meridian. Positive values extending east of the meridian and negative values extending west of the meridian.
altitudeThe altitude above sea level in meters. Positive values are above sea level and negative values are below sea level.
velocityThe velocity over ground in meters per second. A negative value indicates an invalid speed.
horizontalAccuracyThe radius of uncertainty for the location in meters. A negative value indicates that the latitude and longitude are invalid.
verticalAccuracyThe accuracy of the altitude in meters. A negative value indicates that the altitude value is invalid.

◆ PostStatusEvent()

virtual void Murl::ILocation::PostStatusEvent ( IEnums::AuthorizationStatus  authorization)
pure virtual

Post the current device authorization status.

authorizationThe current authorization status.

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