The mouse device interface. More...

#include "murl_i_mouse.h"

Inherited by Murl::Input::MouseDevice.

Public Types

enum  EventAction {
 Definition of event actions. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual void PostEvent (EventAction action, IEnums::MouseButton button, Real posX, Real posY)=0
 Post the current mouse state. More...

Detailed Description

The mouse device interface.

Used by the platform to post events to the device.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ EventAction

Definition of event actions.


No action.


Mouse button is pressed, positions are evaluated.


Mouse button is released, positions are evaluated.


Mouse button not evaluated, positions are evaluated.


Flush all button states to the up state.

This is useful in rare cases, e.g. if the platform is loosing events when changing from window to full screen mode.

Member Function Documentation

◆ PostEvent()

virtual void Murl::IMouse::PostEvent ( EventAction  action,
IEnums::MouseButton  button,
Real  posX,
Real  posY 
pure virtual

Post the current mouse state.

Mouse positions are clipped by the mouse device and should be reported as is, e.g. if the mouse cursor is moved out of the display surface the platform should report the calculated values < -1.0 or > 1.0.

actionThe event action, see enum EventAction.
buttonThe mouse button identifier.
posXThe mouse x-position on the display surface in range [-1.0 left .. 1.0 right].
posYThe mouse y-position on the display surface in range [-1.0 bottom .. 1.0 top].

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