Murl::IVideoScaler Interface Referenceabstract

The video scaler interface. More...

#include "murl_i_video_scaler.h"

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~IVideoScaler ()
 The destructor.
virtual Bool Scale (const ConstData &srcData, const MutableData &dstData, UInt32 srcPixelSizeX, UInt32 srcPixelSizeY, UInt32 srcBytePitch, UInt32 dstPixelSizeX, UInt32 dstPixelSizeY, UInt32 dstBytePitch, IEnums::PixelFormat pixelFormat, Real gamma) const =0
 Scale a source image to a destination image. More...

Detailed Description

The video scaler interface.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Scale()

virtual Bool Murl::IVideoScaler::Scale ( const ConstData srcData,
const MutableData dstData,
UInt32  srcPixelSizeX,
UInt32  srcPixelSizeY,
UInt32  srcBytePitch,
UInt32  dstPixelSizeX,
UInt32  dstPixelSizeY,
UInt32  dstBytePitch,
IEnums::PixelFormat  pixelFormat,
Real  gamma 
) const
pure virtual

Scale a source image to a destination image.

srcDataThe source image data.
dstDataThe destination image data.
srcPixelSizeXThe number of horizontal source pixels.
srcPixelSizeYThe number of vertical source pixels.
srcBytePitchThe number of source bytes per line.
dstPixelSizeXThe number of horizontal destination pixels.
dstPixelSizeYThe number of vertical destination pixels.
dstBytePitchThe number of destination bytes per line.
pixelFormatThe pixel format.
gammaThe gamma value. Specify 1.0 to disable gamma correct scaling.
true if successful.

Implemented in Murl::Util::VideoScaler.

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