Murl::Resource::IAnimation::Iff::ClipChunk Struct Reference

The IFF clip chunk of a native animation resource. More...

#include "murl_resource_i_animation.h"

Inheritance diagram for Murl::Resource::IAnimation::Iff::ClipChunk:

Public Types

enum  { FOURCC_CHUNK }
 IFF identifiers. More...

Public Attributes

UInt32 mIndex
 The zero-based index of the clip.
Float mStartTime
 The start time of the clip in seconds.
Float mEndTime
 The end time of the clip in seconds.
UInt32 mNameOffset
 An offset into the chunk where the clip's name is stored. See IffOffset().
UInt32 mNameByteSize
 The size in bytes of the name string, including the terminating null character.
UInt32 mDataOffset
 An offset into the chunk where the clip's key frame chunks are stored. See IffOffset().
UInt32 mDataByteSize
 The size in bytes of the key frame chunk data.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Murl::Util::IffChunk
template<class DataType >
DataType * IffOffset (UInt32 byteOffset) const
 Get a typed pointer from an offset relative to the chunk. More...
void SetFourCC (UInt32 fourCC)
 Set the chunk identifier. More...
UInt32 GetFourCC () const
 Get the chunk identifier. More...
void SetChunkSize (UInt32 size)
 Set the chunk size. More...
UInt32 GetChunkSize () const
 Get the chunk size. More...
UInt32 GetRawSize () const
 Get the chunk size minus sizeof(IffChunk). More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Murl::Util::IffChunk
UInt32 mFourCC
 The FourCC chunk identifier.
UInt32 mSize
 The size of this chunk minus sizeof(IffChunk).

Detailed Description

The IFF clip chunk of a native animation resource.

Clip chunks are optional within a file. If no clip chunk is present, the individual keys are stored at the root level of the chunk hierarchy, and the animation only consists of a single clip with start/end time taken from the header chunk. If there is at least one clip chunk present, there must not be any key chunks at the root level; instead, all key chunks belonging to a single clip can be found as sub-chunks in the data block pointed to by the clip chunk's mDataOffset member.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

IFF identifiers.


The four character code identifying this chunk as a ClipChunk.

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