Build 1.00.3970Beta Available!
The new Murl Engine Build 1.00.3970Beta is available.

API Changes:
  • Renamed Graph::ISound to Graph::IAudioSource and Resource::ISound to Resource::IAudio. Graph::Sound is still available, but deprecated. Use Graph::AudioSource instead.
  • Changed IJoystick to IGameController interface, and related interfaces
  • Renamed "*pass*" methods to "*stage*" in Graph::IMaterial etc.
  • Split Graph::IController to multiple different interfaces

New Features:
  • Hardware-accelerated video playback (EXPERIMENTAL!). Added Graph::IVideoSource and Graph::IVideoSequence interfaces, together with Graph::FlatVideoSequenceTexture and Graph::VideoSource nodes.
  • Added new pixel formats IEnums::PIXEL_FORMAT_B8_G8_R8_A8, IEnums::PIXEL_FORMAT_A8_B8_G8_R8 and IEnums::PIXEL_FORMAT_A8_R8_G8_B8 on supported platforms, queryable via respective IEnums::Feature values.
  • Added new pixel formats for 16bit and 32bit floating-point textures.
  • Added multi-planar pixel formats, for YUV encoded streams
  • Added Util::SampleConverter class.
  • Added Util::PixelConverter::ColorToPixel() method.
  • Added Input::IDevice::GetName() and Input::IDevice::GetId() methods for identifying multiple instances of a specific input device type.
  • Added IControlable::GetName() for the same purpose.
  • Added IMusicPlayerControl for playing music from the device's library if available.
  • Added Android In-App Billing V3
  • Added Amazon store for Android
  • Added Samsung store for Android
  • Added Util::EncodeUrl() and Util::DecodeUrl()
  • Added support for GameCenter friends.
  • Lots of new features in scene_converter tool.
  • Added simple scene_viewer tool.
  • Added sRGB formats for frame buffers and textures
  • Added IEnums::MipMapGeneration enum
  • Added Util::VideoSurfaceTools::EncodeJpgImage() and WriteJpgImageFile()
  • Added support for different virtual keyboard types on iOS and Android
  • Added Graph::Timeline blending feature, via multiple timeline units and stages. Added Graph::MultiTimeline
  • Introduced Graph::IClipSequencer, Graph::IClip and Graph::IClipTransition together with Graph::IVariable for building blended animation sequences
  • Introduced individual clips in a Resource::IAnimation
  • Introduced "includeFor*" and "excludeFor*" attributes on Graph::Node instances, analogous to XML resource attributes. Graph nodes can now be conditionally created directly in the graph.
  • Introduced user-defined configs, via IApp::IsUserConfigurationMatching and "includeForUserConfigurations"
  • Introduced Graph::Template nodes to specify parameterizable sub-graphs directly in the graph, to be used via Graph::Instance
  • Introduced morph targets in Resource::IMesh, and Graph::ResourceMeshGeometry
  • Added Util::TimeToString() methods
  • Added Util::GeoLocation class
  • Android "Immersive Full Screen Mode"
  • OSX native full screen mode support.
  • Added support for projective light textures.
  • Supply build projects for rebuilding platform from source
  • Added System::File::Delete*() and Move*() methods for files and folders
  • Added System::File::GetItemCreationTime() and GetItemModificationTime()
  • Added Util::Utf32ToUtf8()
  • Added simple project creation tool Dashboard

  • Improved game controller support.
  • Allow dynamic setting of font & font size in Graph::TextGeometry and Graph::FlatTextTexture
  • Improved iOS suspend/resume
  • Socket client/server user messaging.
  • Misc improvements in String, Array and Data classes.
  • Misc logic processor improvements
  • Added "startLoop" attribute for Graph::Timeline

  • Setting correct window aspect ratio on startup.
  • Misc audio-related bug fixes
  • Fixed Win32 system dialog
  • Fixed iOS device ID to be conformant with AppStore guidelines.
  • Fixed Win32 email encoding
  • Fixed Android startup screen
  • Misc shutdown fixes.
  • Misc socket client/server fixes.
  • Fixed a potential deadlock when creating graph nodes from code.
  • Fixed & improved iOS auto rotation
  • Lots of other small fixes.

  • Heavily updated interface & class reference API documentation.
  • Adaptions for XCode 5, iOS 7 and OSX 10.9
  • IEnums device cleanup
  • Updated Facebook addon SDK
  • Optimized background package loading
  • Split murl_i_enums.h to multiple files.
  • Renamed murl_enums.h to murl_enum.h

Have fun coding!

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