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I try to build frame buffer sample and it works good, so I could start application from Xcode 6.1.
But if I try to start outside of Xcode, program can't load any resources. I checked application package and, of course, no resources inside. I wonder how to package application for distribution ? Do you have any methods to set one (or several ) paths to resources ?

The Pong reloaded tutorial contains a short description about deployment. The individual steps are:
  • Switch the scheme to release configuration.
  • Create a resouce package main.murlpkg from the resource directory main.murlres. This can e.g. be done by using the Dashboard and the command Project -> Resource Packer build
  • Then add the created resource package main.murlpkg to the project bundle.
Please see also tut0106_pong_reloaded.php#tut0106OSXDeployment

The Murl::IEngineConfiguration::SetPreferredResourcePackageType method can be used to globally change the preferred package type (*.murlres or *.murlpkg).
See also tut0101_cube.php#tut0101ResourcePacker

The method Murl::IEngineConfiguration::SetResourceFileCategory can be used to specify the working directory of the package loader.
See also SetResourceFileCategory and IEnums::FileCategory

Hope that helps. Good luck!
Thank you very much. I definitely should start from first example.

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