Low sales volume and licensing?
Would it be possible to put in a conditions that would allow multiple applications to use one license until they release a lower revenue limit. Basically, something to keep from having to buy another license for a product that sold say 50 copies or something.

For example, allow combining up to four games into one license, and requiring a new license for each product that exceeds €500.

The free license is a bit hard to use due to the length of the animation. I also do not mind paying for something I use, but paying more than I made is rough to justify.
We will not change the licensing terms, but we can offer you a deal that has the same effect for you. If your app does not sell well and your combined revenue within the first 6 months is lower than twice the price of the bought license, we complementarily issue a new license to you. This can be repeated up to 4 times for each bought license. Just send us an email with the app and license information to redeem this option.
That is an excellent compromise, and would solve the issue.

Thank you.

I'm going to give the software a few more tests, and pick up a license in a week or so.

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